Flex Medical Molding (Shenzhen)  has become the first site within Flex to earn the MedAccred industry-managed program accreditation for Plastic Injection Molding following a recent successful audit. 

The Gushu facility in Shenzhen, China, achieved the accreditation, after meeting the rigorous audit requirements set by MedAccred subscribing members – including Baxter, BD, Boston Scientific, Edwards Lifesciences, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Philips, Roche Diagnostics and Stryker.   Precision Plastic Injection Molding

Flex Medical Molding achieves MedAccred program accreditation - Medical Plastics News

The MedAccred audit and accreditation program is the sole industry-managed supply chain oversight program for key critical manufacturing processes in the medical device industry. The accreditation assures that critical manufacturing processes meet industry consensus requirements, leading to the production of high-quality end products, ultimately enhancing patient safety. 

Bob Lizewski, vice president, MedAccred, said: “I wish to congratulate Flex Gushu for its commitment to quality which enabled it to attain MedAccred Accreditation for Plastics Injection Molding. This is a major accomplishment which is globally recognised. The medical device industry has incorporated MedAccred into its approach for handling risk, as it demonstrates compliance to industry standards, customer requirements and best practices.” 

Keith Hung, vice president for medical operations, Asia, Flex, said: “Flex Gushu obtained the MedAccred Accreditation in injection moulding process which can help to improve the quality of products and most importantly patient safety. We are the first Flex site to get the certification worldwide in injection moulding. MedAccred Accreditation can be used as tool to enhance the process capability, manufacturing monitoring and process validation. We will utilise all resources available in our pursuit of this quality.” 

Kenneth Leung, senior quality director, Flex, said: “The MedAccred accreditation gave us the excellent chance to improve the processes through different tools that are recognised by the leading medical device companies, as well as to step up into a new level of quality control in our site. We plan to continue the MedAccred Accreditation process and seek for the improvement in the system and extend to other areas.” 

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Flex Medical Molding achieves MedAccred program accreditation - Medical Plastics News

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