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FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (PRWEB) August 04, 2022

Unfortunately, workplace accidents will always be a reality in industrial and hazardous environments. This is especially true in chemical manufacturing and petroleum production facilities, due to flammable materials handled during regular operations. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a total of 120 fatal workplace fatalities in the petroleum industry occurred in 2008 alone. While the majority of these fatalities were due to transportation and equipment failures, approximately 15 percent were due to fires and explosions. All In One Solar Street Light Now Offers LED Explosion Proof Lights

Having properly designed lighting fixtures within hazardous locations is of the utmost importance. This is important because without adequate lighting, the overall safety of workers is at risk. In fact, one of the biggest fire risks in the petroleum industry has to do with accidental sources of ignition, such as an open electrical circuit or unshielded connection.

Lighting fixtures are the biggest source of this risk, which necessitates serious shielding to prevent accident ignitions with flammable vapors, gasses and dusts. In the past, these fixtures utilized traditional lighting technology which required frequent maintenance and necessitated opening fixtures, running the risk of compromising the seal to prevent accidental fires.

With an ever increasing need for reliable and lower maintenance lighting for these high risk applications, specialized LED lighting suppliers such as have worked hard to secure top rate explosion proof LED lighting fixtures. Used in a wide variety of applications from petroleum and chemical manufacturing to grain processing and lumber mills, these fixtures are completely sealed from the outside environment. Designed to meet NEMA class 1 div 2 requirements, they have lifetime LED chips that are permanently sealed behind a shatterproof lens and encased in an impact resistant alloy housing. This huge leap forward in hazardous area lighting technology means lowered maintenance and operational costs while simultaneously providing improved workplace safety and visibility.

To learn more about LED explosion proof lights and the various applications they are used for visit the website below.

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