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This Fold-Out, Solar-Powered Camping Trailer Sounds Just About Perfect

A camping trailer that lets you go off the grid while holding onto the comfort of modern amenities sounds like a dream come true. Camp365 and GoSun have come together to build a lightweight solar-powered camping trailer packed with cool features.

GoSun is a name brand in the solar energy category that makes a slew of self-sufficient products, including power stations, stoves and camping coolers. Their solar technology gave Camp365 — maker of the world's first fold-out camping trailer cabin — some exciting additions. Their partnership makes for quite a duo with tons of thoughtfully engineered features and innovative equipment.

The camper has refrigeration, a stove, a water purifying system, a heated blanket and even a French press-style coffee maker. Because of the solar panels and water filtering system, this trailer won't keep you tied down to RV hookups or expensive campgrounds.

Almost any car (including electric vehicles) can tow this camping trailer with a Class 1 hitch, as the all-aluminum frame only weighs 1,800 lbs, making it a gas mileage win on those longer trips. Ground clearance is 11.25 inches, but the companies offer a big wheel lift if you need something higher. There is no canvas or wood in the construction, so there are no worries about mold or rotting down the road.

The camper only takes 10 minutes to set up. It is 11'8" wide, with 700 cubic feet of available space, and even your tallest friends can walk in thanks to a roof height of 7'6". When not in use, the trailer folds down into a compact, aerodynamic trailer that won't be stealing much storage space in your garage. There is water-tight storage for the solar system to live in once it's time to return home.

This Fold-Out, Solar-Powered Camping Trailer Sounds Just About Perfect

Outdoor Solar Garden Lights The GoSun Camp 365 trailer is practical, easy to tow around, and a breeze to set up. Now how do we get it? The trailer is available now on the GoSun website with an all-in price of $32,500, including a $5000 deposit. Deliveries will start in September 2022.