Conveyor belt sushi restaurant brings first-of-its-kind experience to Tri-State

MONTGOMERY, Ohio — The popular Japanese restaurant trend of sushi conveyor belts has made its way to the Tri-State.

Kawa Revolving Sushi opened its doors in mid-August 2023, and the Symmes Township restaurant offers a one-of-a-kind experience for guests. Motorized Round-Groove Conveyor Roller

Conveyor belt sushi restaurant brings first-of-its-kind experience to Tri-State

Revolving sushi conveyor belt are massive in Asia and more prevalent in bigger U.S. cities such as New York, Washington, D.C. and Chicago. Kawa is the first restaurant to bring this type of dining to the Tri-State.

The concept is fairly simple: Guests can sit at a table around the restaurant or at a bar, and a conveyor belt carrying plates of sushi rotates around the restaurant. From there, guests can pick up and choose which rolls they'd like to enjoy without having to order from an actual human.

When you enter Kawa, you are greeted by someone who will seat you. For those wanting to go at times like weekend lunch and dinner, expect that there could be a wait prior to being seated.

Once seated, the Kawa worker will briefly explain the restaurant's iPad system, especially if you haven't been to the restaurant prior. For those a bit intimidated by Kawa's digital self-service iPads, don't fret. Kawa workers are always nearby to help with any questions or needs.

All food items can either be grabbed off the conveyor belt or ordered on your table's iPad menu — don't worry if something labeled on the conveyor is out, you can order it on the iPad as well.

Guests can expect a variety of fresh nigiri, sashimi and specialty rolls, such as California, spicy tuna and more rotating on the conveyor belt. Depending on the items, it's portioned into two or four slice rolls. Each lidded plate that is grabbed off the conveyor belt is priced at $3.25.

For those wanting something more than what the conveyor belt is offering, you can order it from the iPad and a toy vehicle will deliver it along a track above the conveyor belt on demand.

Kawa's menu is robust with appetizers such as edamame, pork gyoza, spring rolls and more; multiple varieties of fish for nigiri and sashimi; and various specialty sushi rolls, such as a Sunday Morning roll, Bengals roll and a Spider-Man roll. Kawa also offers multiple different types of ramen for those not wanting to indulge in sushi.

Menu items range in price on the iPad, with the most affordable items around $3-$5 and the most expensive items between $10-$13. Specifically, the most expensive items are larger specialty rolls priced at $12.39 per roll. The restaurant's pricing alone ultimately makes Kawa a desirable sushi option in the Greater Cincinnati area.

And if conveyor belts and on-demand toy vehicles (even one that looks like Optimus Prime from Transformers) aren't enough excitement for you, Kawa also has a robot deliver drinks and more to your table as well. Currently, Kawa doesn't offer any alcoholic beverages, but there are multiple sodas, tea, water and more available.

After taking the items off the robot's tray, guests simply push a button and the robot will roll away.

At the end of your meal, guests pay a real human who will count up how many conveyor plates you are along side the rest of your items ordered from the iPad.

While Kawa is a bit outside of the Cincinnati metropolitan area, it's a great option for friends wanting to try something new, a place for kids to watch all the moving parts during a family meal or even just a quick lunch break during work.

Conveyor belt sushi restaurant brings first-of-its-kind experience to Tri-State

Round-Groove Belt Conveyor Kawa is open seven days a week. Here are the restaurant's hours: