50 Best Gifts for Tea Lovers 2024 - Unique Ideas for Tea Drinkers

For those who love to drink the good stuff...and spill it.

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50 Best Gifts for Tea Lovers 2024 - Unique Ideas for Tea Drinkers

Oprah likes to start every morning by pouring herself a cup of tea. (She takes hers "savory and strong," in case you were wondering.) And surely, you have a friend who has their own ritual. Perhaps it involves lighting a sweet-smelling candle, cuddling up for a feel-good movie, and helping themselves to a spot of oolong or a mug of chamomile. They may also love the health benefits of green or hibiscus tea, or use a piping-hot cup of it to wind down before hitting the sheets on a cold night. It's very personal. Which is exactly why shopping for a tea lover can feel intimidating—especially if you're more of a coffee person.

So what do you get a tea connoisseur? Lucky for you, we've gathered the most perfect gifts, including delicious blends from the best tea brands, products for at-home tea tastings, funny apparel and accessories, luxurious teapots so pretty they'll feel like they're drinking with the queen, and even a few cameos from Oprah's Favorite Things. Depending on your budget, you can purchase one or two items (bonus: many can be found on Amazon) or curate a handful for the ultimate tea gift basket (think: punny socks, pretty earrings, an array of tea blends, an engraved spoon, a tea box made of acacia wood, tea drops, honey, and more). Either way, all of these thoughtful pampering gifts are worth a...chai. See what we did there? *Cue jazz hands*

This rose=gold bottle is a tea infuser and travel flask in one. The ideal gift for someone who loves tea and is always on the go.

More honey, but in a different form. These hard honey candy spoons on wooden sticks are such a treat. Stir into a hot cup of tea, and the sweetness will melt right in. Perfect for herbal tea drinkers.

Not only would this make a sleek addition to any countertop, it also features preset buttons for white, green, and oolong teas so you get the ideal brew.

Curated gift sets are a thoughtful gift to send to a long-distance loved one. Boasting chai, honey, rustic mug, and fuzzy socks, this cozy box shows someone you care.

This delicate, double-walled ceramic cup has a lid for warmth and a stainless steel infuser basket to hold loose leaf tea. But don't worry—although this product keeps tea warm for longer than a regular mug, it can be put in the microwave if things cool off.

You’ve heard of hot chocolate bombs, but have you heard of tea bombs? These spectacular sips are made with sugar, floral tea, and dried flowers. The flavor selection includes cinnamon, mint/spearmint, passion fruit, blossom flowers, hibiscus, and chamomile. They come to life as soon as hot water meets the sweet treat, turning the bomb to brew in seconds.

"There’s a chai for every mood in this lovely set!" proclaimed Oprah when she featured this box set in her annual Favorite Things list in 2021. Blends such as a traditional masala, cardamom and rose, and even a caffeine-free lavender truly make this gift. It even comes with a steeper for convenience.

This subscription box is made by tea lovers for tea lovers. Each month, the giftee will receive four new premium teas chosen from thousands of top-rated products specifically tailored to their taste preferences.

This robust set comes with 50 tea bags, two of each flavor. Don't options like Chamomile Lemon, Ginger Peach, Mango Ceylon, and Blackberry Sage sound delicious?

Loose-leaf tea can be brewed anywhere, thanks to this fun infuser disguised as a dinosaur.

As it turns out, not all mugs are created equal. Case in point: this pretty ceramic cup, which keeps your drink warm for as long as you want. Plus, the base coaster doubles as a wireless phone charger.

Where would a tea drinker be without a proper teapot? Even if they have one, give them an upgrade with this beautifully elegant option. This multicolored stoneware teapot is hand-painted, with prominent, shiny gold accents.

Perhaps the tea fan in your life also appreciates high aesthetics? This small glass kettle heats water and brews and strains the tea all in one vessel. High-end design with practicality combine to create something truly special that any tea drinker can appreciate.

Spice up their early mornings with this curated trio of chai teas. "I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love with a wonderful chai!" Oprah said in 2018. "Or three, to be exact: spiced oolong, ginger, and sweet cinnamon, shipped directly from India." If you're lucky, you might get to enjoy your gift firsthand the next time you visit.

Gift yourself or another with a lovely herbal tool chest of wellness teas. This gift set of 40 tea bags includes flavors like Immune Boost, Moroccan Mint, Dandelion Detox, Congest Away, Rooibos, Throat Soother, and Immune Support.

This set of 10 single-estate teas lets them sample delicious varieties from across the globe.

To quote Jane Austen, “But indeed I would rather have nothing but tea.” Tea and books go together like peanut butter and jelly, and this tea bag bookmark blends the two seamlessly into a gorgeous, unique gift. You can also get the bookmark personalized, to enhance its sentimentality for your recipient.

Many tea drinkers not only enjoy the flavors but also the medicinal, health-benefiting qualities. Time-tested teas such as peppermint for IBS, ginger for nausea, green tea for antioxidant properties, and many more are all covered and explored in this essential tea remedies compendium.

What's tea without a delicious cookie or two? Why not buy your tea-loving friend a very royal selection of Scottish shortbread cookies from Buckingham Palace?

These English breakfast tea bags come individually tagged, each one adorned with a literary quote plucked from a classic. The gift has popped up on Oprah’s favorites list in the past, and we concur: It’s a great option for tea lovers who are also avid readers.

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50 Best Gifts for Tea Lovers 2024 - Unique Ideas for Tea Drinkers

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